A Couple Of Common Tire Maintenance Questions

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Tires are likely one part of your car that you seldom think about unless there is a problem. This can cause you to be uninformed about tires, which may make it more likely that you experience problems with your tires. Knowing the answers for these following routine but extremely important questions will make it easier for you to minimize the risk of encountering these issues with your car. 

How Can You Know If Your Tires Need To Be Replaced?

A more common form of maintenance that your tires will need to undergo regularly will be having them replaced with new ones. As time passes, the treads on the tires will wear thin, which may cause it to have difficulty gripping the road when you are driving. 

Despite this being a routine form of maintenance, there are many drivers that are not sure of how to determine whether or not their car's tires are in good condition. Fortunately, you can use a penny to quickly tell whether or not the treads are sufficient for safely driving the vehicle. Place the penny head down into the tread, and notice where the tread comes to on the penny. If it passes Abraham Lincoln's head, your treads are fine, but when it fails to reach this point, you will need to have the tire replaced by a professional business, like F & H Tire Co, to stay safe the next time you are driving. 

Why Are Your Tires Rotated?

Rotating the tires on your car is a maintenance step that many people will skip when it is offered during an oil change. This may seem like it will save you a few dollars, but failing to rotate your tires can result in them having a drastically shorter lifespan. These results stem from the fact that the weight of the car will be slightly different on each tire, and this can cause them to start to wear unevenly. 

When they are rotated, the tires from the back of the car are moved to the front and the ones from the front are moved to the back. This helps ensure that all of your tires wear as evenly as possible, and this is why it is advised for you to have this work done each time you have an oil change done to your vehicle. 

Keeping your car safe while you are driving it requires taking proper maintenance steps to help it avoid many of the more common forms of damage that may afflict your vehicle. For individuals that are unsure of what the tires on their vehicle require, knowing an easy way to evaluate the tread on your tires as well as the critical benefit of having them rotated can help your car stay safe.