Buying Used Tires: Getting The Best Deal And Quality With Your Purchase

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If you struggle with the cost of new tires, but your tread on your current set is starting to fade, you can find used tires for a great price. Here is a guide to help you select quality used tires at an affordable price.

Consider an auto salvage facility

Many people sell their vehicles to a junkyard when they are no longer working and get reimbursed for their tires. You can find a plethora of tires in a variety of sizes and tread wear, such as all-weather tires or off-road versions. Contact your local salvage yard to see if they have tires in stock that match your vehicle's rim size.

Observe tread wear

Prior to purchasing any set of used tires, you want to examine the current tread wear. If a vehicle was poorly aligned, the tread may be partially worn on the inside of the tire while the outer area has ample markings left. Beware of tread that is bumpy or wavy- this can indicate uneven wear and weak spots in otherwise healthy tread.

Try to purchase a matching set

You want the set of tires that you buy to be from the same vehicle if it's available. Tires from the same previous automobile are more likely to have the same amount of tread life left, which means you lessen the risk of one tire wearing out sooner than the others.

Stay away from spares

If you only need a single tire, make sure that the one you are purchasing used wasn't previously used as a spare tire. Spare tires are exposed to roadway salt due to their placement underneath vehicles, which can weaken the structure of the rubber. Spare tires are also typically the least reliable of all vehicle tires in a set, so you risk compromising quality in buying one. Ask an auto salvage attendant if the single tire you are purchasing for your car's main use was previously used as a spare. If it was, then purchase it as a spare for your own vehicle only and inquire about a different tire for your needs.

Buying used tires can save you a lot of money. Before you buy any used tire, check it over completely to make sure there is enough tread left on it to get you safely down the road. An auto salvage yard is an excellent resource for finding quality used tires at an excellent price. When shopping for used tires, make sure you know your vehicle's make, model, and rim size so you buy tires that will work best for your vehicle.

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