3 Signs That Your Wheels Need Balancing

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Wheel balancing involves ensuring that there is not too much weight on one part of any of your tires. Even a minor discrepancy in the weight on your tires can cause them to wear out unevenly, which can be dangerous and can cause the need to have your tires replaced a lot more frequently, which can be expensive. It doesn't cost much to have your wheels balanced, and it's worthwhile to do to prevent problems. These are a few signs that it's time to have your tires balanced.

1. You're Buying New Tires

Don't skimp when you're buying new tires -- make sure that you have them balanced. If you don't, they could be off-balance, which means that you could start off on the wrong foot with your brand new tires. It could even affect the warranty on your new tires, so there's a good chance that you could be responsible for the damage to your new tires if something happens.

2. Your Car is Shaking and Vibrating

One of the main signs that your wheels need balancing is if your car feels like it's shaking and vibrating. You might be able to feel it in your seat, or your steering wheel might feel as if it's vibrating violently when you drive. This will become particularly apparent when you are driving at higher speeds, such as when you are on the highway. This isn't just uncomfortable for you as a driver; it can also cause some of the screws and bolts on your car to vibrate loose, which could cause damage to various parts of your vehicle.

3. Your Tires are Wearing Unevenly

Even if you haven't noticed anything when you were driving, you might be able to see problems with your tires. Every now and then, you should take a look at your tires. They should be wearing out evenly all over, and the wear and tear should be similar on all four of your tires if they were purchased at the same time. Along with taking a quick glance at your tires on a regular basis -- such as when you are filling up your car with gas -- you should also ask for a balance and alignment check each time that you have your oil changed.

There are a few signs that you can look for to determine if your wheels need balancing. Along with following the maintenance schedule for your vehicle and for your tires, you should take your car into a company like Henry's Tire for a balance in all of these three situations.