3 Questions To Ask When Getting New Tires

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At some point in time or another, you are going to end up needing new tires for your vehicle. Many people just opt for whatever tires are going to save them the most money. Unfortunately, this isn't the best move for your vehicle or your safety. You need tires that are going to last for quite some time, without breaking the bank in the process. If you aren't sure where to start, here are three questions to ask when getting new tires.

What kind of warranty do the tires have?

Many people overlook the type of warranty the tires have and opt for one over the other based on brand or cost. However, the warranty is extremely important and something that shouldn't be overlooked. Tires will typically either have a mileage or year warranty on them. If something were to go wrong during that time, your tires could be covered for all or a fraction of the cost. This could save you on having to pay for a flat tire repair or a blowout. Make sure to find out the specifics of the warranty so you know what to expect.

Are they all-season tires?

If you tend to live in an area with a lot of snow, you might want to go with an all-season tire. This will save you on having to worry about swapping your tires out during the winter months. You want tires that will accommodate you throughout the year, regardless of what the weather might be doing outside. An all-season tire will make sure that you are always safe and sound when out on the road.

Do you offer free lifetime rotation?

Another thing to ask about when getting your tires is if the company is going to provide you with lifetime tire rotation. You don't want to have to continue paying for rotations every few thousand miles. This could end up adding up significantly. Having a company that is willing to rotate your tires for you when you need it without charging you anything up front will help keep your tires wearing evenly and keep more money in your pocket.

By asking the questions above, you can make sure you get a new set of tires that are best going to accommodate your needs and keep more money in your pocket. Make sure to spend some time going through the different tire sale options available to determine what tires are going to fit your vehicle needs best.